About me

I am an educational consultant supporting gifted students with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers and schools. My entire working life has been devoted to the professional pursuit of excellence in curriculum theory and practice, a deep respect for the rights of the child including the right to be different and that curriculum is a springboard providing a means to the end in developing a child’s ability.

My philosophy is that a bright child who has low self-efficacy (poor self-belief that he/she can achieve the task at hand) can be motivated through the development of their most passionate interests and through success at the tasks in which they are weak. It is a model that concurrently targets their higher order thinking strengths while remediating their literacy and/or numeracy deficits. It is not enough to ask for accommodations and special compensations at school when a child has ‘gaps’ in the fundamental areas of literacy and numeracy. The child will always feel that he/she was unable to achieve at a higher level and will lack self-efficacy through to adult life with a negative impact on their general self-esteem. I have many testimonies from families for whom this approach has been very effective.

My professional goals are: to promote educational excellence, to reach children at their point of need and to encourage enthusiastic and independent life long learners.

My professional practice is founded on 35 years of teaching experience, particularly in  primary schools where I developed a strong understanding of how children learn to read and do mathematics.  I was appointed as the inaugural Gifted and Talented Coordinator at St Andrews Cathedral School in 1999, following my work in the development of gifted and talented programs and the completion of specialist tertiary studies.

I established this educational consultancy in 2002 to contribute more to the field of gifted and talented children, particularly those who are underachieving.

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