Educational Consultancy

  (Since 2002)
For gifted students to excel in the school environment there must be an optimal match between each student’s learning needs, interests, readiness and school programs.
The goals of this consultancy are:
  1. to consult to the families of underachieving students
  2. to provide academic programs for underachieving students, case management of professional services and therapies and advocacy with schools
  3. to teach teachers about the learning needs of gifted children and gifted children with learning disabilities by working in schools and universities, providing in-service and pre-service education on how to identify gifted children, differentiate the curriculum by pre-testing, compacting curriculum and varying the pace, process, learning environment and product created. The ‘Quality Teaching Program’ found at embraces the principles of gifted education based on sound educational theory and I promote its implementation.
  4. to raise awareness and understanding of diverse learners in teachers.

I have given addresses or workshops at the following conferences in 2014:

  • Critical Agendas 3rd National Conference in Sydney: Girls and Education, 21st and 22nd August, 2014: Giftedness in Girls – Empowering, Engaging and Energising them. Workshop for 90 minutes
  • Critical Agendas 4th National Conference in Sydney: Teaching and Supporting Students with Special Needs, 7th & 8th August, 2014: Identifying and Teaching Twice Exceptional Students. Workshop for 90 minutes x 2
  • Gifted Families Support Group seminar, Sydney, 18th August, 2014: Case Studies in Twice-Exceptional Children: Underachievement, Motivation and Mindset. Address for 60 minutes
  • Learning Difference Convention, Sydney, 6th August, 2014: Twice Exceptional – Gifted and Dyslexic. Address for 60 minutes
  • SPELD NSW Workshop, Sydney, 6th June, 2014: Essential Knowledge for Teaching and Assessing Reading. Putting theory into practice on how children learn to read. Workshop for 90 minutes.
  • Wallace Symposium, Washington DC, USA, 22 – 25th March, 2014: Underachievement in Young Gifted School Students. Conference paper for 25 minutes.

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